The First Non-Alcoholic Wine List in Europe

Ron Gastrobar goes for NIX!

Ron Blaauw's leading restaurant Ron Gastrobar (with Michelin star) is the first in the Netherlands to start with an alcohol-free menu. In addition to red, white and rosé wines, there are a number of alternatives, all special drinks full of complex flavors to complement the dishes. World of NIX, the only alcohol-free liquor store in the Netherlands, was called in for the expertise and also supplies the drinks to the restaurant.

A first: complete (wine) menu without alcohol

The success of a number of non-alcoholic alternatives (such as the ALT Rosé) on Ron Gastrobar's menu and the current flex-drinker trend paved the way for a more serious approach. Ron Gastrobar is therefore introducing its own complete wine list without alcohol, making it a first in the Netherlands.

Twenty alternatives, put together with the sommelier

World of NIX, an expert in the Netherlands in the field of non-alcoholic drinks, worked closely with sommelier Jacob van Benthem from Ron Gastrobar for this menu. After several tasting sessions, they selected twenty alternatives without alcohol. This includes red, white and rose wines as well as the alternatives. This selection can be found behind this message.

'We both see the trend and demand for high-quality and tasty non-alcoholic drinks from consumers increasing. Until now, there has been limited choice in many catering establishments. It's fantastic that we have put together this wine list together and that Ron Blaauw embraces this as a full-fledged category.' Frederike de Groot, World of NIX management

'More and more guests are making a conscious choice not to drink alcohol. To be able to offer a whole list of tasty alternatives is great. As a drink connoisseur, I continue to be amazed by the development in taste of this category.' Ron Blaauw, owner Ron Gastrobar


In addition to expertise in compiling the map , World of NIX also thinks about the names. The wait staff will be trained in the coming weeks in the knowledge and sale of non-alcoholic wines and alternatives.

The trend

More and more people are choosing less alcohol. A conscious choice, for example to live a healthier life or simply keep a clear head. Fortunately, the time when the flexi-drinker could choose from tea or water is over since World of NIX opened its doors. World of NIX searches for the tastiest alternatives and has put together a wide range, where quality comes first.

From October 9, you can order from the alcohol-free menu.

Packshot alcoholvrije prosecco van Saboritz Spumante Genieten van de zomer met alcoholvrije prosecco van Saboritz Spumante